Are you thinking of outsourcing your e-commerce logistics, but wondering how much it would cost?

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How much does e-commerce logistics cost at Happy Colis ?

At Happy Parcel, our logistics cost model is based on 1 € per product reference, per month - which includes ALL your fixed costs.

WHAT are the costs of preparation, customization, transportation, inventory, etc.? This is explained in detail below.

What is the Happy Parcel price structure like?

The cost of your logistics is divided as follows:


Your monthly subscription

The monthly subscription covers all fixed costs and ensures that you never receive unexpected invoices for storage, reception and sorting. The cost of this subscription is fixed at €1 per product reference, per month.

So, if you only have one product reference, does your monthly subscription really cost just €1? 

No. The minimum monthly subscription is €39 per month.This means that if you have between 1 and 39 references, it will cost you 39 euros per month. Beyond 39 references, it will cost you 1 € more per reference per month. So, if you have 240 product references, your monthly subscription will cost €240 per month.

Are there any exceptions? 

Yes, for very large items.

volume of 0 - 50 L
2€ / month
If the volume of your items is between 10 and 50L, you will need to add 2 € more per reference, per month.
stowed on a hanger
3€ / month
If your items need to be stored on hangers, you will need to add 3€ per reference, per month.
VOLUME OF 51 - 100 L
4€ / month
If the volume of your items is between 51 and 100L, you will need to add 4€ more per reference, per month.
If the volume of your items is more than 100L, we unfortunately cannot take care of these items.

What if you have 100 articles of the same reference? 

The logic remains the same, no matter how many items you entrust to us. You pay 1€ per referencewhether it's three... or 3,000!

The preparation of your parcels

The cost of preparing the parcels is based on the number of items per parcel " standard ". 

  • The preparation of the package and the inclusion of the first item are charged for 3,50€
  • All article additional inserted in the package adds 0,30 €.

Thus, a package containing 4 items will cost you 3.50 + 0.30 + 0.30 + 0.30, i.e. 4.40 € in preparation costs. You will not be charged for cardboard and packaging.

>> What is a standard package?

It is a package whose total weight does not exceed 30 kg and whose sum of the lengths does not exceed 150 cm.

Additional costs or savings depending on your customization needs

You want to personalize your packages? It's possible!

Personalisation with materials provided by HappyColis :

  • Cushioning with crumpled kraft paper: 0,25€ per package
  • Bubble Cushioning: 0,30€ per package

Personalization with materials provided by you:

  • Add asylum: 0,10€ per package
  • Adding a sample: 0,15€ per sample, per package
  • Addition of a non-personalized card: 0,10€ per package
  • Adding a personalized card: 0,20€ per package
  • Inclusion of an article stored on a hanger: 2,00€ per article
  • Packaging of all products with tissue paper: 0.50€ per package
  • Closing sticker on tissue paper packaging: 0,10€ per package
  • Closing of your package with a logo scotch: 0,10€ per package
  • Insertion of export documents: 0.30€ per package

At Happy Parcel, we also share the savings!

If your parcels are ready to send, you save:

  • For the shipment of a package " single " ready to send, without inclusion of delivery note: -1,00€ per package
  • For shipping a ready-to-send parcel with delivery note added in an outer envelope: -0,70€ per parcel

Delivery costs of your packages

>> Your shipments to France

We offer you the 3 classic services for France, either D+1, D+2 and D+3 Relay. Delivery costs vary depending on the weight of your package and the deadline of reception desired:

To know the shipping price according to the average weight of your packages, please contact us.

>> Your shipments to Europe

We also offer you a shipping service to Europe, with a delivery time varies according to the country of destination. Delivery costs also vary depending on the weight of your package. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain our complete price list for transport within Europe.

Fees for processing your customer returns

Returns from your customers are processed due to a fixed fee per item set at 2.30€. 

If you would also like:

  • A check in-depth review of the condition of your item
  • A check Returned parts for a compound item
  • The smoothing or folding of your items
  • Any other manual task related to the refurbishment of an item

The service will be hourly at a cost of 30€.

Volume discounts on your logistics and transport costs 

The volume discounts apply to all logistics and transport services on French territory. Indeed, these discounts do not apply to the cost of international transport.

Thus, depending on the number of packages shipped during the month, you can expect a discount on your logistics and transport costs corresponding to :

  • Between 100 and 250 packages shipped, get a discount of 4%
  • Between 250 and 500 parcels shipped, get a discount of 6%
  • Between 500 and 750 parcels shipped, get a discount of 7%
  • Between 750 and 1000 packages shipped, get a discount of 8%
  • Between 1000 and 2000 packages shipped, get a discount of 9%
  • Between 2000 and 3000 packages shipped, get a discount of 10%
  • Between 3000 and 4000 packages shipped, get a discount of 11%
  • More than 4000 parcels shipped per month, get a discount of 12%


Logistics insurance " tous risks »

>> The logistics insurance offered by Happy Colis

Your monthly subscription includes insurance coverage " tous risques "This means that we offer you insurance against fire, damage or loss up to 50 000€ of stockwith a franchise of 2000€.

>> Your optional supplementary logistics insurance on the surplus

If the value of your stock is more than 50 000€, please contact can take a insurance complementary corresponding to the actual value of your stock. The cost of this insurance is 10€ per monthper 10 000€ of stock.

The calculation is based on the highest stock value of the month, every month - in contrast to an insurance " classique " which is calculated on an annual basis (and is usually based on the highest amount of the year!).

So, if you have €78,000 worth of stock over the month, your additional insurance will cost you €30 per month (i.e. 3 instalments of €10,000 x €10 per month) - since the first €50,000 worth of stock is covered free of charge by us.

What about inventory?

Receiving costs are included, rotating inventory costs are included (a rotating inventory is carried out in real time by subtracting receipts and issues).

At your request, we can carry out an accounting inventory of your stock which will be invoiced 0.30€ per reference.

Are you ready to go?

Here are the last little details to consider to get started with Happy Parcel.

Receiving costs of your stock

If your stock is well labelled, i.e. each product has a label with its EAN code, the cost of receiving your stock will be 0,20€ per item.

If your stock has to be labelled by us, you should count on the following 0,25€ more per item.

Security deposit

The security deposit is equivalent to one month's benefit and will be allocated, if applicable, to the closing invoice. It will be reviewed quarterly based on the average value of invoices from the previous quarter. It cannot be less than 1000€.

>> So there are really no integration costs?

That's right. All of the following fees are complimentary:

  • The cost of your integration in the warehouse, including the implementation of your processes, your referencing, etc.
  • L’connector use allowing to link our logistics and transport solution with your e-commerce solution (Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce or other)
  • L’platform usage Happy Parcel