Achieve your sales objectives and increase customer satisfaction

With the most modern tools for creating e-commerce sites, you can display your products in a site as elegant and efficient as those of the Web giants .

Thanks to your passion and knowledge of your products, you talk about them better than anyone else. You compete with the best in every way... almost.

As your customers move from the wonderful virtual world to the real world as they validate their payment... they all ask themselves the same question: what's going to happen maintenant ? Will you be able to meet your commitments in this final and crucial stage of their parcours ?

The answer is YESprovided you have the right logistics partner.

Give yourself some time and boost your conversion rate.

Setting up a high level of logistics brings two major advantages for your business.

Delegate your logistics

If logistics is a tedious job, it is not a simple one..

The steps are numerous:

Your logistics requires a flawless methodology and a timed execution that requires a lot of staff and significant material investments.

This complex and structured profession requires detailed pricing for each act. A logistician will therefore ask you lots of questions to which you do not yet have an answer. From his point of view, this is perfectly normal for determining a price.

What's less normalis that most logisticians will ask you for commitments to minimize their risks... which will increase yours. Not Happy Parcel!

To control your logistics costs from A to Z

By entrusting your logistics to Happy Colis, you choose to surround yourself with a real logistics partner. And with us, the word partner takes on its full meaning: we share the risk taking with you to ensure your success.

Happy Parcel, guarantees you:

Fewer risks 

We help you minimize your risks.

> Quality risk, because Dispéo and Happy Parcel are part of the same group. A group that prepares and ships 40 million parcels a year, which places it in the top 3 French e-commerce logistics.

> Financial risk, because the transparency of our billing model allows you to know your costs in advance in any situation.

More transparency

Here, we guarantee absolute transparency. 

> No surprises

> No hidden fees

You benefit from a price structure like no other and really adapted to your business. In a few clicks you know your costs over one, two or three years and you can vary your assumptions.

The best time is now.

You are convinced that outsourcing your logistics is a major asset to your success, but you wonder when to do it? Seize the opportunity now.

Waiting has two major consequences: a substantial investment in equipment and personnel. And, once you get caught up in it, the costs required to get out of it are exponential. The more you grow, the more you have to invest... And the more you invest, the further away you get from the liberation ofoutsourcing your logistics and the associatedacceleration of growth.

To accelerate and make your business development profitable

Anticipate the inevitable

Think of the top 100 French e-merchants. There is no doubt: their logistics are impeccable, optimised and mechanised.

Do like them and immediately give yourselfthe means to achieve your ambitions.

Avoid the traps

According to a study conducted by B2B marketer, logistics is the third most important topic for e-merchants, just behind site profitability and lack of resources. 

Avoid this pitfall by outsourcing your logistics and devote your precious time to taking care of your site and increasing its performance.


The pillars of logistics are material and human investments. Who says investmentssays costs fixed.

Whether you are starting up or growing, dividing these fixed costs by your sales volume will never be optimal.

By pooling the performance of hundreds of customers and by massifying collection, we have the purchasing power to offer you logistics that are much more economical than if you did it yourself.

Logistics: our business since the beginning of e-commerce!

For Happy Parcel and Dispéo, logistics is not a market or an opportunity, it's a profession - a profession we are proud of and have been since e-commerce existe ! We have been learning for almost a quarter of a century and have established, optimised and reinvented our methods to strive for optimal service.

Within our group, Dispéo brings its business expertise and Happy Parcel brings innovation through all the indispensable IT tools to connect your e-commerce to Dispéo and allow you to offer a memorable experience to your customers.

A connected solution for your business

We connect, without integration fees, to all major CMS on the market, such as Prestashop, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. If you have a site or a specific management software, we have exports and APIs that will allow you to connect quickly to automate the ten or so flows necessary for the proper functioning of your e-commerce logistics.

An easy to use platform

Easy to integrate into your daily life, our platform is intuitive and simple to use. We offer you a user-friendly interface that allows you to control the management of your flows without any hassle.

No perfection without tracking KPIs!

Whateverinformation you want to report to ensure an outstanding customer experience, Happy Parcel gives you access to it:

  • same day shipping rate
  • parcel tracking
  • parcel error rate
  • returns management and much more... 

We thus provide you with all the tools you need for the success of your e-commerce site.

Forecast your logistics costs over the next 3 years

> Discover our revolutionary model

Our billing model is revolutionizing the world of logistics. The main consequence of this revolution is that with just a few figures (your number of references and your sales forecasts), you can accurately predict your logistics costs in the short and long term.

> Customize it to your liking

If you wish to customize your parcels by closing them with logoed tape, inserting a gift, adding a sample from a partner merchant, or any other sweetness that will make your brand shine, just enter your estimates as a percentage of orders, and everything is calculated transparently.

> Benefit from negotiated rates

Logistics means not only the preparation of the parcels, but also their delivery to the end customer. The Group to which Happy Colis belongs ships nearly 40 million parcels every year. We therefore have exceptional negotiating power with the carriers. And the discounts we get, we share them with you. The price of your complete delivery is simply the price of your parcel preparation and its shipment by the carrier of your choice, with whom we have already negotiated prices. You should also know that we renegotiate these prices for you every year.

Are you ready to project yourself into avenir ? Consult our rates now!

Take advantage of an "all-risk" logistics insurance policy.

Without your stock, your e-commerce business is nothing at all! By offering you free logistics insurance coverage " tous risques " with your monthly subscription, we guarantee your peace of mind. Yes, by choosing Happy Parcel as your logistics partner, you benefit from insurance against fire, damage or loss of up to 50,000€ of stock, with a deductible of 2000€.

Do you plan to have our team of passionate

At Happy Parcel, we are true enthusiasts. Passionate aboute-commerce and the transformation it is making to our consumption patterns. Passionate about the opportunities it offers to merchants and SMEs.

Happy Parcel can help you propel yourself to the top. Let's discuss it together over a call during which:

  • We will discover your project and guide you in your logistics cost analysis.
  • We will help you perform a true costplanningexercisebased on several assumptions.

You will come out of this call with a real control of your logistics budget and with the certainty that it will be almost 100% variable according to your sales.